Football Betting – Odds, Picks, Handicapping

Speaking of odds, we have the live betting lines form the most popular sports books in chart form. provides all the information you need to have a successful wagering season. Looking for a little sweetening of the pot? We cover that as well with lists of bonuses from the most legit sports betting sites. Because one thing for sure, you want to make sure if you get down on the games that not only will you be paid, you’ll be paid promptly. Need to know where are the best sites to bet on football games? We can direct you to the top sportsbooks for your football football betting action. Compare the lines from each bookmaker before you make your bets. Whether it be NFL, college football or even CFL, we have what you need to take a chunk out of the sportsbooks bottomline. You’ll be surprised at how many times you can save a half point and sometimes more on a point spread line or total (Under/Over).

. Want to bet cross sport or cross league parlays? Try your luck with 5-10 team parlays? We cover that as well with detailed sportsbook reviews including payout odds and more

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